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Prochaine visite d'Etat des souverains suédois en Autriche 18/10/2007

Le palais royal de Stockholm annonce la visite d'Etat, le mois prochain, du roi Carl XVI Gustaf et de la reine Silvia en Autriche. Le couple royal se rendra à Vienne du 20 au 22 novembre 2007 à l'invitation du président de la République Heinz Fischer. Le couple royal sera accompagné par le Ministre suédois des affaires étrangères Maud Olofsson. Au menu des discussions, les relations bilatérales, l'Europe, l'économie et la culture.

Prochaine ouverture du Parlement birtannique par la reine le 6 novembre 18/10/2007

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, will open Parliament the 6th november.Her Majesty will travel to the Palace of Westminster in a State procession, where she will read The Queen's Speech, written by her Government.The ceremony itself takes place in the House of Lords, to which the Commons are summoned to hear The Queen's Speech setting out the policies of her government. Her Majesty travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster in the Irish State Coach, drawn by four horses, with a Household Cavalry escort. The Queen is preceded down the route by the regalia, which, having been collected from the Tower of London, are transported from Buckingham Palace in a carriage of their own, usually Queen Alexandras State Coach. On arrival, The Queen puts on her Relagia in the Robing Room.The royal procession then makes its way through the Royal Gallery to the Chamber of the House of Lords. The Queen sits on the throne, with the Duke of Edinburgh on her left and the Prince of Wales, as heir to the throne, on her right. The Lord Chancellor now advances, removes The Queens Speech from the special silk bag in which he has been holding it, and hands it on bended knee to the Sovereign. But before it is read, the faithful Commons must be summoned to attend to hear the contents. At this moment the traditional ritual is carried out as a reminder of the right of the Commons to exclude everyone but the Sovereign's messengers, and of the abuse of this privilege committed by Charles I some 350 years ago, when he entered the Commons and tried to arrest the members. The Lord Great Chamberlain raises his wand of office, whereupon the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, in his capacity as the Sovereign's Messenger, makes his way to the House of Commons. As he approaches, the Serjeant-at-Arms there carefully slams the door in his face. Black Rod then knocks three times with his rod, the Serjeant-at-Arms looks through the grille to identify the caller, and only then is the door opened. The Sovereign's summons to the Commons is thereupon conveyed to the Speaker by Black Rod, with the words, 'Mr Speaker, The Queen commands this Honourable House to attend Her Majesty immediately in the House of Peers'. Not all the 635 members of Parliament attend, for there would not be room, so a representative group of some 250 appear, standing at the opposite end of the Chamber to the Sovereign, to listen to the most Gracious Speech from the Throne, at the end of which Parliament is officially open.

Funérailles à Athènes de la princesse Katherine de Grèce 19/10/2007

Le site officiel de la famille royale de Grèce annonce le décès à 94 ans de la Princess Katherine, Lady Brandram.The Princess, who was the youngest sister of King Pavlos, died in London, on October 2nd. King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie, joined by their sons, Princes Pavlos and Nikolaos, hosted the funeral service, which took place at the Chapel of the Resurrection, at the Tatoi family graves, where her parents and siblings are buried, on October 11th, at 11:30.Present at the funeral were, her son Paul Brandram and her grandchildren Sofia, Alexia and Nikolas, as well as Princess Irene. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Serbia and the Duke of Aosta, also flew in for the occasion.The Most Reverend Metropolitan Bishop of Messogaia and Lavreotiki, Mr. Nikolaos, conducted the service, assisted by the Very Reverend Archimandrite, Mr. Patrikios Kaleodis.The Greek Royal Family office respected the request of the late Princess’s family, not to make any announcements prior to her interment at Tatoi.

lire la nécrologie de la princesse Katherine de Grèce

Le roi de Norvège défend sa fille, la princesse Martha-Louise 19/10/2007

King Harald has kept quiet during the recent storm of controversy around his daughter, Princess Märtha Louise. On Monday, he finally addressed her exploits and defended her, like most dads would do as he visited with Queen Sonja the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Monday, the first day of their state visit to Germany."She's a grown person and makes her own choices, just like everyone else in Norway," King Harald told reporters while on a state visit to Germany on Monday.The monarch has been urged to rein in his daughter, and put some limits on her private business ventures that cause regular conflicts with her official role as a princess. One local commentator, writing in last weekend's Aftenposten, suggested that King Harald should set limits like Queen Elizabeth has done with her grown children in England.There was no sign that would happen. Even though Princess Märtha Louise recently became the first member of Norway's royal family to appear in a court of law, because of a complaint she filed that was linked to her commercial efforts to teach people how to contact their own angels, King Harald doesn't appear likely to restrict his daughter's activities.Asked how he and Queen Sonja reacted to the recent court case, the monarch responded: "I have one comment to the question," and continued with his comment that Princess Märtha Louise is an adult responsible for her own choices.He added that "our family is quite similar to all other families -- we support one another in such situations."
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