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Charles et Camilla célèbrent Bob Marley en Jamaïque 14/03/2008

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall celebrated the life and music of Jamaica's most famous son, Bob Marley, yesterday, even joining in on bongo drums during a performance by a group of musicians.As part of their official tour of the Caribbean, the couple joined the musician's widow, Rita Marley, at a mini-concert staged in the grounds of his former home in Kingston.The singer, guitarist and activist's phenomenal success with songs such as No Woman No Cry, Jamming, Buffalo Soldier and One Love/People Get Ready, made reggae music popular across the globe.During a tour of the site - which since 1986 has been a museum of Marley's life - the royal couple stopped to watch a performance by a group of Rastafarian Nyahbingi drummers.The Prince and Duchess were invited to sit down and began playing bongo drums alongside the musicians.The couple both laughed as they tried to keep in time to the music and were cheered when the drummers ended the piece with a flourish.

La princesse héritière Mary de Danemark prête au combat 14/03/2008

The 36-year-old princess - the wife of Prince Frederik - is now eligible to join 56,000 other volunteers in the Danish Home Guard after learning to shoot and fend for herself in the wild.Major-General Jan Norgaard, the chief of the home guard, said: "Princess Mary's membership is a pat on the shoulder for the many volunteers. It is a significant sign of the home guard's meaningful role in the community and the Danish people's belief in its ability."Mary - who was pictured with her face daubed with green paint in full military camouflage - will now be permitted to keep the M95 rifle she learnt to shoot with.
Her achievement, which also included passing a course in first aid, follows an established royal tradition.Her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, reached the rank of major in the Danish Home Guard Women's Flying Corps.The Danish Home Guard was formed in 1949, inspired by the Danish resistance movement after the country was occupied by Germany during World War II.It is now no longer a reserve force, but a territorial defence force, which will be used to help maintain order in the event of a terrorist attack.

La famille grand-ducale de Luxembourg à l'avant-première du film "Leïf Letzebuerger" 15/03/2008

Le grand-duc Henri et la grande-duchesse Maria-Teresa de Luxembourg accompagnés du grand-duc Jean, souverain luxembourgeois de 1964 à 2000, ainsi que de leurs enfants dont la princesse Alexandra, Louis et Tessy de Nassau, ont assisté vendredi 14 mars à l'avant-première du film documentaire bouleversant "Léif Lëtzerbuerger" sur la grande-duchesse Charlotte en exil de 1940 à 1945, au cinéma Utopolis. Ce film raconte la vie et l'action de la grande-duchesse Charlotte, souveraine de 1919 à 1964, pendant les années de guerre où le grand-duché était occupé par les nazis et qu'elle animait la résistance à l'ennemi depuis Londres où elle diffusait des messages à la BBC ainsi qu'aux Etats-Unis où elle s'était liée d'amitié avec son mentor et libérateur Franklin D. Roosevelt. Diffusé sur les écrans luxembourgeois dès vendredi 21 mars, le film présenté en avant-première devant la famille grand-ducale a bouleversé les invités, et particulièrement le grand-duc Jean qui participa à la libération de son pays en septembre 1944.

Premier anniversaire de Siméon Hassan, fils de la princesse Kalina de Bulgarie 16/03/2008

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria, 36, and her husband Kitin Munoz, 49, returned to the same Bulgarian hunting lodge that they were married at in 2002 to celebrate the 1st birthday of their son, Simeon Hassan.The family, who now lives in Spain, sat for a series of photographs together on the grounds of the royal residence of Tsarska Bistritsa. In one of the photographs Kalina dons a traditional Bulgarian costume and little Simeon looks coordinated in a mini embroidered tabard and bright cummerbund.Tsarska Bistritsa is a former royal palace in southwestern part of the country, high in the Rila Mountains, just above the resort of Borovets and near the banks of the Bistritsa River. Built between 1898 and 1914, it served as the hunting lodge of Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria and his son Boris III.
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