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Le roi et la reine de Jordanie bientôt en visite d'Etat en Espagne et en Amérique du Sud 09/10/2008

His Majesty King Abdullah will start an official tour of Spain and several Latin American countries on Saturday, October 18, a Royal Court source said on Wednesday.The tour begins in Madrid and will be followed by a state visit to Chile and working visits to Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras and Cuba, where the tour will conclude. The King will be accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Rania.According to the source, the objective of the visit - the King’s first to Latin America - is to forge strategic relations, particularly economic and trade relations, between Jordan and Latin American countries which have emerged as key players in the global economy and international trade scene.Strengthening bilateral relations and recent developments in the Middle East will top the agenda of discussions, with several economic and trade agreements expected to be signed, the source said. The visits will also aim to examine horizons for partnerships between the Jordanian private sector and its counterpart in each country.King Abdullah will also discuss with leaders in Spain and Latin America various regional issues that top Jordan’s priorities and the role that Latin American countries can play in enhancing the security and stability of the Middle East, with special focus on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and the importance of realising the Palestinian peoples’ right to an independent state.King Abdullah is also expected to discuss ways to enhance Arab-Latin American relations in various fields to support the interest of nations of the two regions.
Source: Royal Court

La reine Béatrix des Pays-Bas visite la province de Zélande 09/10/2008

It is called Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, or in English, Zealand's Flanders. A somewhat isolated part of the Netherlands, wedged between the Scheldt estuary ("Westerschelde") and Belgium, or Flanders.For years this part of the country could only be reached by ferry, or by driving through Belgium, which has coveted 'Zeeuws Vlaanderen' in the past, even claiming it at the end of the First World War.Queen Beatrix paid a visit to the - at least by Dutch standards - sparsely populated area. She was welcomed by thousands of Zealanders, and by many from across the border.All 21 primary schools of the community of Sluis bussed their pupils to the towns Beatrix visited.For Queen Beatrix it became an extraordinary tour, as she said at its conclusion in the Belfort of the city of Sluis. She had come to learn about the problems and challenges this corner of her country, but was surprised by the public acclaim. "Unbelievable", the queen said.The pictures are proof that Beatrix did enjoy her stay in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, part of the province that lent its name to New Zealand.

La reine Elizabeth II perd son cheval préféré, Monarch, décédé à l'âge de 25 ans 10/10/2008

The grey gelding that led a team of eight horses drawing the Queen's golden state coach during the Golden Jubilee celebrations six years ago, has died, aged 25.Monarch the horse was purchased by the Royal Mews as a six-year-old, from the Netherlands.Monarch, a 16.1-hand horse, described as a "particular favourite" of the Queen, was stabled at the Royal Mews for 16 years and was a familiar sight at royal events.At the Golden Jubilee celebrations on June 4, 2002, Monarch's team drew the Queen and Prince Philip from Buckingham Palace along a route lined by a million people to St Paul's Cathedral.During his service, Monarch also drew the mail carriage, taking correspondence between Buckingham Palace and the Royal Mews. The horse was also displayed at Royal Ascot, and led several of the Queen's birthday parades."Monarch was a very special horse and became a particular favourite with the Queen because his character was so easy going," said a spokesman for the Horse Trust. "He really was a gorgeous horse."Monarch died at the trust's home of rest for horses in Buckinghamshire where he spent the past few years.Buckingham Palace said the horse was purchased by the Royal Mews as a six-year-old, from the Netherlands."He enjoyed a busy working life at Buckingham Palace and was a familiar sight at royal events," said a spokesman. "As such, he will be sadly missed."

Le prince de Galles évoque les efforts du tourisme pour soutenir l'environnement 10/10/2008

The tourism industry will have to make efforts on a "heroic scale" to minimise the impact of travel on the environment, the Prince of Wales said.The Prince of Wales said he applauded the initiatives already taken by the travel and tourism industry, but added that there's 'so much more that can be done'.Much was being done but more was needed and efforts had to be "redoubled", the Prince told delegates at the annual convention of travel organisation Abta.If care was not taken, wonders of the world that inspired people to travel in the first place would be threatened, the Prince said.His views came in a video message broadcast at the convention in Gran Canaria.The Prince said: "As the number of travellers increases dramatically, and as the environmental impacts for which they are directly and indirectly responsible become more damaging, the efforts which have to be taken by the travel and tourism business to minimise those impacts needs to be on a heroic scale."He said he applauded the initiatives already taken by the travel and tourism industry."There is, however, so much more that can be done and if we are to continue to enjoy the benefits of travel while at the same time safeguarding natural treasures, we must, I fear, redouble our efforts."One contribution that I hope to make in the coming year is to stimulate new and urgent action to save the world's remaining tropical rainforests."The Prince continued: "Coral reefs are in decline worldwide partly because of the climate change caused by the combustion of fossil fuels and partly because of the pollution generated from hotels."At the same time, the world's wetlands, home to countless species of some of the most stunning birds on the planet, have been damaged by demand for water to supply tourist facilities. And waste from hotels and the demand for land to build them have created additional pressures."The Prince said: "The travel sector, probably better than most industries, understands that there can be no secure long-term economic growth if the environment continues to be degraded, and that the only sustainable business strategy is to become a low-carbon and resource-efficient business."
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